Medical gases and gas-enabled equipments are used throughout the healthcare segment – in breathing, diagnosing, surgery, emergency treatments, sterilization – etc. The Medical Gas Equipment have been proved and approved over many years of impressive service in medical establishments, includes: Compressed Gas Plants (O2-N2O-Medical Air), Medical Vacuum Plant, Anesthetic Gas Scavenging Plants, Automatic, Manual and Emergency Manifold Systems etc.Medical Gas Plants regulate the pressure of Oxygen, Nitrous-Oxide, and dry air gases in the cylinders. Principal details of these Plants are usually similar. The only difference is the number of cylinders which are used in the Plants. Medical Gas Plants reduce cylinder pressures to line pressure for distribution without interruption through the facility’s medical gas distribution system. When the bank in use is exhausted, the system switches to the other bank and ensures the gas supply is uninterrupted in the facility. As a lieder company for over 25 years in the field of design, manufacturing, installation and servicing of medical gas systems and gas plants, Schönn Medizintechnik GmbH boasts vast experience in all size of hospitals. 



Compressed Gas Plant



Medical Gas Cylinder Central Plant Stations are installed to provide a reliable source of supply for the Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide & Medical Air requirements of hospitals. Schönn Medizintechnik GmbH may design and install a medical oxygen production plant with the suitable reserve, monitoring and alarm system capacities to meet local safety requirements. All our plants are Medical Devices CE marked and comply with international standards as well as European Pharmacopoeia. In the unlikely case of a production line deviating from your pre-established parameters, the system automatically switches to the second source of oxygen supply. Our plants are fully tested before delivery. Read more...


Medical Air Plant


The critical needs of the hospital demand the highest quality medical air and thus Medical Air Plants are an integral part of a patient life support system. Medical Air Plants complies with all the rigorous standards of HTM02-01. Medical Air Plants are used to supply medical quality air for Respiration and Surgical needs. The Medical Air 4 bar Plant is especially used in applications related with respiration and in ventilation fans which operates with air.Surgical Air 7 Bar is used for the operation of the surgical equipments which are used in operation theaters.Main Parts of Medical Air Systems; The medical air systems plant consists of two or more identical air compressors, compressed air receiver vessel(s) and an air filtration / dryer assembly including line pressure regulators. Air plant is provided with a fully automatic control system, with manual override facility to minimise energy consumption and compressor wear. Read more...

   Medical Vacuum Plant


Vacuum generation is an essential component of the supply system for medical gases in any hospital, and a reliable vacuum supply is indispensable in everyday clinical routine. Schönn has an extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of fully automatic vacuum systems, which are used to aspirate fluids and secretions in the OR, on the ICU and on regular treatment wards. Schönn offers its customers comprehensive planning, project management, installation and service from a single source. We use only proven quality products that confirm to all relevant statutory regulations and standards. Pump Operating System: Medical vacuum systems complying with HTM 02-01 and ISO 7396-1 are provided with at least two standby pumps (e.g. the design flow of a system with three pumps is provided by a single pump). Medical Vacuum systems complying with HTM 2022 are provided with at least one standby pump (e.g. the design flow of a system with two pumps is provided by a single pump). It can be shown that as more pumps are provided, the energy consumed decreases. By using a larger number of small pumps an energy saving can be achieved. We have pre-determined our plant package using the optimum arrangement of pumps, between 3, so you don’t need to worry about anything other than the flow capacity and footprint.Read More

  Anasthetic Gas Scavenging Plant



Anesthetic gas scavenging systems are designed to remove exhaled anesthetic gas mixtures from operating theaters, anesthetic rooms and recovery areas. Schönn Medizintechnik GmbH’s AGSS Plant is the vacuum source for this active system of removal. Anesthetic Gas Scavenging outlets are made of chromium plated brass and it is designed to meet the requirement of HTM2022, C11 and EN737 and types of Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System is determined based on the circulation and requirements of HTM 2022 and EN 737 flow requirements. Also they can be manufactured complying with DIN and NFS standards.

  LOX Systems-VIE

A vacuum insulated evaporator (VIE) is a form of pressure vessel that allows the bulk storage of cryogenic liquids including oxygen, nitrogen and argon for industrial processes and medical applications. Hospitals generally have large annual consumption levels of oxygen so bulk liquid is a very cost effective and convenient supply option. VIE tanks are located outside hospital buildings and tankers regularly deliver to top up the tanks, generally without the need to ring and place an order.

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