All Medical Gas Pipeline installations are carried out to the strictest of standards, with in-depth reports and signed documentation provided upon completion of the system.

Our comprehensive portfolio comprises everything you need for safe, reliable and efficient medical gas distribution and control.


Medical Grade Copper Tubes


Schönn degreased copper tube is manufactured under EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems. It is suitable for jointing degreased medical gas copper fittings and other medical gas equipment compliant to EN 13348 (Seamless copper tubes for medical gases and vacuum), EN 1057, ISO 7396, HTM 2022 and HTM 02-01.

Schönn copper tube is designed for use in Medical Gas Pipeline System installations and incorporates the specialist requirement of the Medical Gas Pipeline System industry to include cleanliness, packaging and usability required to attain the levels of quality as stated particularly in HTM 02-01. 

Cleanliness and Resistance
In the sensitive healthcare areas and installations, it is imperative to use materials that safeguard cleanliness, neat appearance and durability. Schönn copper tubes, can withstand high operating pressures with unlimited durability, thanks to the naturel strength of copper, hence they are the ideal choice for the construction of medical gases distribution networks. Schönn copper tubes are manufactured according to the requirements of standard EN 13348. They are supplied with end caps to prevent contamination by foreing matter intrusion during storage or transportation.


Non-arsenical copper phosphorus deoxidised (DHP-Cu) with minimum copper content 99,90 % and P= 0,015% - 0,04%.  Read More

Medical Grade Copper Fittings


Schönn end feed copper fittings are manufactured under degreased copper fittings manufactured to BS EN 1254-1:1998 Part 1.

Exclusively designed for Medical Gas Pipeline Systems, Schönn copper fittings recognize and embrace the specialist requirements of the medical gas pipeline industry to include all aspects of design, cleanliness, packaging and usability required to become a successful partner for installations of pipelines compliant with HTM 02-01, C11 and BS En 7396.

All fittings are supplied in individually sealed protective polythene bags and are specifically designed for copper medical gas and vacuum systems. 

Read More


Pipe Support Sytems

Clamps are produced from plastic material the prevent any chemical reaction with copper and plastic clamps holds pipes securely with 2 M4 screws to prevent any release of pipes due to pressure fluctuation inside pipes.

All materials used are fully comply with Medical Gas Pipeline Systems standards as HTM 2022, HTM-02-01, C11, EN ISO 7396:2007 and NFPA A 99.  Read More


Area Valve Service Unit (AVSU)

At the heart of every Area Valve Service Unit (AVSU) is a unique valve designed and manufactured specifically for emergency isolation of medical gases.

They can be used for Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Oxy-Nitrous Oxide, Medical Air 4, Medical Air 7 and Vacuum.

The Area Valve Service Units (AVSU’s) are manufactured under BS EN 13485 Medical Devices: Quality Management Systems and Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC (CE0086) Class IIb.

All the units are pressure tested prior to dispatch saving valuable time on site. Read More

Zone Wall Unit (ZWU)


The Schönn Zone Wall Unit (ZWU) is designed to provide a zone isolation, maintenance system and a physical break point. 

The ZWU provides additional facilities which enable connection of an emergency gas supply, purging and gas sampling.

ZWU’s are fitted to all medical gas/vacuum services in a prominent and accessible position at the entry to wards, intensive care units operating rooms etc. to the recommendations of HTM 2022 HTM 02-01 C11, EN 737 and ISO EN 7396-1:2007. Read More

Alarm Panels

Schönn Medical gas area alarm panels & systems are designed with state of the art technology for the utmost in safety and reliability.

Medical Gas Alarms are used to provide information & warnings to medical & engineering staff about the supply of medical gases supplied from a central source (manifolds, compressed air plant etc.) & piped to the point of use.

The Alarm Management System allows comprehensive monitoring of your medical gas supply system. Read More

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