Patient Bed Head Units


The schönn bed head unit is perfectly suited for patient’s rooms and other departments that require suitable lighting, electricity, telecommunications and medical gas outlets at each bed. Unit housing is made of extruded aluminum and powder coated. Schönn bed head units conform completely to ISO EN 11197 and IEC EN 60601/1 standards and provide users with the following benefits: The Schönn unit can be fitted with indirect lamps for room illumination, direct lighting for illuminating 
the bed head areas and a night lamp. Positioning the direct lighting fixtures at a certain angle allows the light to disperse over the head of the nation and provide excellent illumination for reading, while positioning of the indirect lighting efficiently disperses light over the wall above the unit. All Lights are fitted Hi-Quality, Long Life, Environment friendly, Latest Technology LED Strip Tubes with highest Standards. 
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Intensive Care Units - ICU


Patients hospitalized in intensive care units are commonly critically ill and subject to permanent life functions monitoring, observation and support of at least one system like digestive, circulatory or respiratory as well as intravenous dripping and hemodialysis etc. Eurocare has been carefully designed to meet all requirements of ergonomic organization and distinction of monitoring and infusion. To manage with particularly vast number of medical appliances, EuroCare is equipped with more electrical, IT sockets and medical gas outlets. Read More


Architectural Bed Head Unit- HEADWALL


Innovative Design, Easy and Quick Installation, Wide options of design, color and dimensions, Laminated aluminium composite panels, Easy to clean, antibacterial, hygenic, Robust support system of BHU is ideal for renovation, Prefabricated sockets, outlets and Communication units are easy to assemble with ward’s medical piping and wiring system. Read More