Functionality and Safety

Patients hospitalized in intensive care units are commonly critically ill and subject to permanent life functions monitoring, observation and support of at least one system like digestive, circulatory or respiratory as well as intravenous dripping and hemodialysis etc.

Eurocrat has been carefully designed to meet all requirements of ergonomic organization and distinction of monitoring and infusion. To manage with particularly vast number of medical appliances, EuroCare is equipped with more electrical, IT sockets and medical gas outlets.

The management of patient area is possible thanks to providing 2 or more separated ducts, where all media and appliances to carry medical equipment are fitted. The distinctively crucial feature of EuroCare is vast variety of accessories located on 10x35mm medical rail. Our offer also includes additional equipment like trash for disposable items, flowmeters, vacuum regulator, lamps, monitor arms, drip hooks and etc.



Medical Gas Installation
Individual compartment and cover completely insulated from electrical elements. Fully compatible solutions for outlets of different norms.

Lighting Equipments
Choice of general indirect lighting, with one or two T5 18 W 1800 lumens Led tubes Choice of reading lamp T5 9W 900 lumens led tubes
Control options by switch at room entrance, switch on patient bedhead unit, push-button on patient handset.
Option to control the room light by two -way switch on patient bedhead unit.

Electrical Equipments
Aesthetics construction composed of modular components. Electrical sockets, Equi-potantiel pins, connections to other services such as telephone, nurse call, intercom and volume systems, grouped together on a single unit. High voltage/low voltage wiring passages made through separate channels.

Professional Design and Construction
Trunking profiles of extruded, hat treated, natural anodized aluminum.
Multi-channel construction allowing for the separation of medical gas an electrical installations, upon completion by aluminum upper, lower and front caps.
Possibility of completion by an aluminum vertical profile, upon request, encasing the medical gas pipes and electrical cables.
Completely integrated, efficient direct an indirect lighting fixture.
Total access to all parts inside the unit by easy removal of the caps.
Unless required otherwise 1500, 2000, 2500mm standard unit lengths.
Increased variety of functionality through the integration of medical rail.

Eurocare BHU


The EuroCare -DK bed head unit is suitable for use with hospital beds that require access tot a number of electrical, telecommunications and medical gas outlets. Unit housing is made of extruded aluminum and powder coated. EuroCare-DK bed head units conform completely to ISO EN 11197, HTM2022, HTM02-01, HTM08-03 and IECEN 60601/1 standards and provide users with the following benefits.

Complete Safety
Three channels are available, providing a separate channel for each energy source (high voltage, low voltage, communications, medical gases), preventing any chance of interference between energy sources.

Multıpurpose Desıgn
The shape of sockets for electrical and gas outlets is standardized and allows for installation of multiple types of outlets in different countries, as well as different voltages.

Shaped To Fit The User
The user or designer can choose the length of the units, select a color from the RAL chart and choose the number and positioning of separate outlets.