(EHT-450 Operating Table )

General Features

  • Sliding tabletop provides flexibility for full-body fluoroscopic imaging
  • Contains a built-in cassette tunnel beneath the tabletop
  • Slim base and column design offer better C-Arm Access
  • Table frame is made of aluminium alloy gravity casting and is coated with anti-rust paints
  • Most metal components with exposed surfaces such as the central column, joint plates, side rails and screws are made of stainless material or stainless steel which is easy t clean and resist chemicals and disinfectants commonly used in the operating room.
  • Base is made of stainless steel to have a chemical-resistant and impact-resistant body
  • Mattresses and the four swivel casters are all electrically conductive
  • Electro-hydraulic system provides adjustment of height, Trendelenburg/ Reverse Trendelenburg, lateral tilt, back section, leg section, flex, reflex angles, kidney elevator, auto-levelling and floor lock
  • Head section can be adjusted, attached or removed manually
  • Both leg plates on can be attached or removed manually

Tabletop with Longitudinal Slide

EHT-450 Operating Table with Longitudinal Slide is widely used in various surgical operations. Table is made of the radio-translucent material for C-arm and X-Ray applications.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattress, easy to clean with anti-acid and alkali, anti-bacterial feature and more comfortable.

Stainless Steel Slim Base

Special and robust design of the table-base offers beter C-Arm access and stability.

Anaesthetic Screen Frame

The anaesthetic screen frame is more convenient, simple for use and will not influence the patients for moving to and from the table. Medical staff may lift or lower and rotate it. Anaesthetic screen framed may be hidden under the table when not needed.

Electro Hydraulic System with Hand Control

Electro-Hydraulic system makes vibration free movement and Hand Control helps to control all the table positions safe and easy.

Access of C- Arm

Longitudinal slide of tabletop toward head-end slide reverse to foot-end makes for easy accessibility when using C-Arm.


Four castors provide effortless and easy movement to any direction.

Battery Back-up

In the event of power failure, back up battery supports 50 operations.