Operating Room Control Panels, sometimes called Surgical Control Panels or Theatre Control Panels are the central focus for infrastructure controls as well as alarms and information required in an Operating Room. Equipped with numerous expansion and connectivity options you can, among many other things, control external devices, such as Operation Theatre lights or monitor pipeline pressure, indicate elapsed time in operation, day clock, temperature and humidity value - and it is all intuitive, easy and safe.

The Panel should contain service tiles as below:
- Lighting Control Group
- Air Monitoring Group
- X Ray Viewer
- 5 Gas Alarm Panel
- Pressure and Vacuum Gauge (Optional)
- RJ45 Data Socket (Optional)
- Humidity Indicator
- Digital Chronometer
- Digital Day Clock
- Music Control system (5 Channel)
- Telephone
- Electrical Socket

Removable gland plate and unique "picture frame" overhand allow easy installation and maintenance. All units are finished complete and fully tested before shipping.