Surgical Operating Lamps

SCHÖNN LED surgical operating lamps are produced with a classic round-type and clover-leaf shaped structure. Compared with the conventional halogen light technology, the heat radiation from the lamp heads is greatly reduced, minimizing the inconvenience of the operator and giving shadow-less illumination during surgical operation. Central sterilization handle enables to focus the light beam on the desired diameter of the light spot

SCHÖNN LED surgical operating lamps are able to maintain a consistent light intensity at distances of 70 cm to 150 cm in every kind of operation with a uniform light that can reach and illuminate various depth, clear and fully suffi cient surgical area. SCHÖNN LED surgical operating lamps offer shadow-less illumination with single or dual ceiling, wall and stand mounting options.

SCHÖNN LED surgical operating lamps’ switch box is controlled by LCD touch screen which do not move illuminating area with lamp head. The operator can control all the function of the lamps from the control panel.

Adjustable focus by central handle. Handle is also designed for quick assembly/disassembly and suitable for sterilization. SCHÖNN LED surgical operating lamp has several multiplexing
controller in the same power which ensures that the failure of an individual LED does not affect the operation of the other LEDs during operation.

Eco-friendly LEDs give cooler and more comfortable lights with 1/3 reduced energy consumption when compared with halogen lights. LED not only helps to save energy and environmental protection, but also provides the excellent lighting for surgery, reduces the frequency of maintenance and repair with its excellent life-time.