LOX System

LOX Systems-VIE

A vacuum insulated evaporator (VIE) is a form of pressure vessel that allows the bulk storage of cryogenic liquids including oxygen, nitrogen and argon for industrial processes and medical applications.

Hospitals generally have large annual consumption levels of oxygen so bulk liquid is a very cost effective and convenient supply option.

VIE tanks are located outside hospital buildings and tankers regularly deliver to top up the tanks, generally without the need to ring and place an order.


LOX Control Panel

  • Regulates the supply pressure of gaseous oxygen from a liquid oxygen tank and a standby cylinder manifold, and distributes the gas to the pipeline system.
  • Panel comprises of two or more pressure regulators, pressure relief valves, isolation valves, pressure gauges.
  • Inlet from liquid oxygen tank incorporates nonreturn valve to prevent back flow from standby manifold.
  • Outlet incorporates line pressure gauge to warn of a change in the pressure of the pipeline.
  • The design flow rate of the panel is maintained with one pressure regulator isolated. This ensures that maintenance can be performed on any one regulator without compromising continuity of the supply.
  • All mechanical connections are provided with copper pipe stubs to enable installation utilising the fluxless brazing technique.
  • The pressure switches should be connected to a plant to alarm interface unit (available separately) for local alarm indication and this should also be connected to the central alarm system.
  • Panels are supplied pre-piped, pre-wired and factory tested.