Medical Vacuum Plant

Vacuum generation is an essential component of the medical gas supply system in any hospital, and a reliable vacuum supply is indispensable in everyday clinical routine. Schönn has an extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of fully automatic vacuum systems, which are used to aspirate fluids and secretions from the OR, ICU and regular treatment wards. Schönn offers its customers comprehensive planning, project management, installation and service from a single source. We use only quality proven products conforming to all relevant statutory regulations and standards.

Medical vacuum systems complying with HTM 02-01 and ISO 7396-1 employ three pumps, at least two of them are standby pumps (e.g. the design flow of a system with three pumps is provided by a single pump).
Medical Vacuum systems complying with HTM 2022 employs two pumps, at least one of them is on standby (e.g. the design flow of a system with two pumps is provided by a single pump).
It can be shown that as more pumps are provided, the energy consumed decreases. By using a larger number of small pumps an energy saving can be achieved.
We have pre-determined our plant package using the optimum arrangement of pumps, between 3, so you don’t need to worry about anything other than the flow capacity and footprint.


Vacuum Pump

O il-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps offer high flow capacities. They are simple and economical to install and operate, and are quiet and vibration free. They provide smooth, pulse-free vacuum and have low starting and running torque.
The vanes are constructed from composite material for a long lifetime of use (up to ten years under normal operating conditions) and low noise levels.

Bacterial Filter

The high-efficiency bacterial filter elements have a penetra­tion of less than 0.0001% when measured to BS 3928 to mini­mise the likelihood of microbial contamination of the oil. Duplex filters are provided for redundancy.

Vacuum Vessel

The vacuum vessel is a mandatory back-up in the rare occurrence that all vacuum pumps are down. It also acts as a buffer for peaks in the flow demand.

Modular design of Schönn vacuum systems can be tailored exactly to any hospital’s needs. At the core of the system, max for 4 oil-free or oil-lubricated pumps with performance ratings ranging from 0.25 kW to 18,5 kW provide the required vacuum at the specified redundancy level. All other system components, such as receivers, bacterial filters and secretion traps, are chosen to match the system dimensions.

Touch Screen Display Control Panel

  • Colourful, touch-screen and easy-to-use display.
  • The system has automatic and manual operation feature.
  • Adjustable working system up to 4 pumps.
  • Audio-visual status display and fault display.
  • Fault alarm statuses are designed according to HTM standards.
  • Synchron Aging work system.
  • Remote access with Modbus-RTU and connection to Hospital BMS.
  • Pumps’ temperature can be adjusted as PT100 and dry contact.
  • Vacuum measurement units: mmHq and mbar
  • The pump information is displayed both on the touch screen and by the LED signals on panel: “cut in”, “cut out”, “defective”
  • The pump transition times are preset at the factory, but these transition times can be adjusted according to the tank reserve, capacity requred by the hospital etc. (While one pump is running, reserve pump starts if the running pump does not meet the required capacity.)
  • Vacuum start-stop value can be adjusted.
  • Display plant pressure and line pressure value.
  • Display filter pollution.
  • Display power failure, thermic failure of the pumps.
  • The pump can be deactivated when necessary.
  • System detects deactivated pump(s) and reserve pump(s) will be activated.
  • The operation and failure status of the pumps are animated on the touch screen.
  • Pump and alarm status are displayed on the panel by LED signals according to HTM standards.
  • The PCB system can operate on its own when any fault condition occurs on the panel.
  • Pump working hours can be recorded and displayed.
  • Language selection (German-English)
  • Authorized person access by password.