• Increased Hygiene and sterility, Ease to use, 
  • No more trailing leads, cables or hoses,
  • Fully encapsulated system, incorporating modular service boxes, which makes maintenance and general use easier.
  • Single or two piece arm assemblies, motorised, or static, equipment can now be located at the point of use with the greatest of ease.
  • Fully equipped to suit the application, with high and low voltage supplies, medical gas outlet points,communication points and various miscellaneous items.
  • Heavy Duty Structures, Easy Cleaning of All Parts for Hygiene purposes
  • Equipment Shelf with optional pressure Gauges for each Medical Gas Electrical and Medical Gas Outlets in separate compartments
  • Side Rails for IV Stands and Equipment
  • The pendant is supplied in RAL 9002 Electrostatic Powder Coated finished.

The services are run to a first-fix unit in the ceiling. For medical gases, these services will terminate in Non-Interchangeable Screw Thread connection (NIST) to BS 5682.The first-fix installation should be completed, fully tested and blanked until the second-fix installation is required for intallation.The pendant is supplied as a second-fix item for installation during the finishing of the theatre and is normally supplied with all components installed and tested in the factory.
Gas service are via flexible connectors to EN 739 which are attached to the first NIST connectors to BS 5682.
The pendants are supplied with a bevelled fascia plate to provide a neat junction at the ceiling. All securing bolts must be adequate for the load of the pendant.Any framework must also be designed for rigidity.Even small loads,such as those imposed by inserting gas probes can cause large deflections on a long pendant. Any supporting framework should be designed for maximum rigidity to avoid these deflections

SACP-90 / Single Arm Rigid Pendant

SHSP-90/ Horizontal Single Arm Pendant

SHTP-90 / Horizontal Twin Arm Pendant

SMSP-90/ Multi Movement Electric Single Arm Pendant

SMTP-90/ Multi Movement Electric Twin Arm Pendant