Seismic TRE-Uflex

Seismic Tre-UFlex

Seismic Tre-UFlex hoses are the flexible bronze braided hoses and can be used widely in systems gas with their resistance to pressure and flexible structure. They are utilized for conducting gas, compensating the problems originated from installation, absorbing vibrations and expansions. With their variety of fitting options produced for almost every type of connections, they can be used as a ready-to-install assembly part in every connection point.
The Tre-UFlex Hose’s design is the only flexible pipe loop that absorbs and compensates pipe movement in six degrees of freedom. (three coordinates axes, plus rotation about those axes simultaneously.) The multiplane movement design can reduce expansion devices required in a piping system by up to 50%. It is the safest and most reliable means of absorbing movement resulting from thermal changes and random seismic shifts in a piping system.


The Tre-UFlex Hoses are generally used in four types of applications:
To correct problems of misalignment
To provide flexibility in manual handling operations
To compensate for intermittent or constant movement
To absorb vibration
In all of these types, careful hose selection, design of the assembly, and installation are important for optimal service life. The flexibility of a hose is determined by its mechanical design and the inherent flexibility of its material.

Its nominal size is 22,28,35,42,54,76,108 mm. Other nominal sizes can be produced in accordance with the customer’s requirements.