Seismic U-Flex


• The U-Flex Hoses are generally used in four types of applications:
• To correct problems of misalignment
• To provide flexibility in manual handling operations
• To compensate for intermittent or constant movement
• To absorb vibration
• In all of these types, careful hose selection, design of the assembly, and installation are important for optimal service life. The flexibility of a hose is determined by its mechanical design and the inherent flexibility of its material.

  • “U” Design
  • Variety of sizes & end fitting combinations
  • Nested configurations
  • Maximum vibration absorption


  • Compensates for offset, lateral and axial motion
  • Saves space
  • Meets most installation requirements
  • Simplifies protection of multi-pipe runs
  • Seismic protection of equipment & piping
  • The U-Flex Hoses are extremely critical accessories and used for protecting vital installations such as medical gas systems from seismic motion like earthquakes.
  • This Seismic Connection Hoses provide flexibility to piping systems and used to absorb possible seismic movements in three axis.
  • In addition to seismic protection, installation cost is lower comparing to conventional expansion joints considering lesser need for space and fixing points and ability for nested installations.
  • Comparing to use expansion joints and conventional piping to absorb vibrations, imposing lesser load to main pipeline is one of their significant advantages.
  • Braided flexible hoses are consist of two parallel sections of braided bronze hose, a 180 degree return bend, with inlet and outlet 90 degree elbow connections.
  • The hoses are engineered to move in all three planes, and is impart no thrust loads to system anchors.
  • Materials of construction of the Schönn U-Flexes are bronze Hose with bronze braid and copper ends.
  • End fittings are made of copper and welded with %5 Brass.
  • Seismic U-Flex hoses are designed to meet the design pressure, temperature, and movement requirements for the system.
  • Hoses is capable of accommodating piping system and equipment movements and vibration as needed.
  • Bronze flexible hoses, braided and their assemblies are designed to allow frequent movement or flexibility.
  • Flexible hoses are the standard of the industry in braided connectors for copper piping. This style connector is constructed with bronze flexible hose & braid for high-pressure ratings.
  • Flexible hose is off ered with standard copper sweat/tube ends.
  • Its nominal size is 15,22,28,35,42,54. Other nominal sizes can be produced in accordance with the customer’s requirements.