Zone Wall Unit

Zone Wall Unit

The SCHÖNN Zone Wall Unit (ZWU) is designed to provide a zone isolation, maintenance system and a physical break point. The ZWU provides additional facilities which enable connection of an emergency gas supply, purging and gas sampling.  ZWU’s are fitted to all medical gas / vacuum services in a prominent and accessible position at the entry to wards, intensive care units operating rooms etc. to the recommendations of HTM 02-01, C11, EN 737 and ISO EN 7396-1:2007.

The unit has got 2,3,4,5 or 6 Area Valve Service Units and also an Alarm Panel for controlling medical gas services such as Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide, Medical Air 4 Bar, Medical Air 7 Bar, Carbon dioxide and Medical Vacuum.

The Unit includes copper stubs on the top for easy installation.

The Unit is painted with electrostatic powder paint. It has got an aesthetic appearance precise manufacturing, high quality. It collects the valves and its pipes in a limited space. The Unit provides easy access to the valves and pressure sensors.


  • Meets the requirements of C11, HTM 02-01, EN 737 and ISO 7396-1:2007
  • Steel construction giving greater fire retardency.
  • High quality epoxy powder coating in RAL or BS colour.
  • Easy clean surface.
  • Internal segregation of valves avoids inadvertent isolation of wrong zone or gas.
  • Break glass panel for easy access to valves in emergency situations.
  • Each block has the name of the gas passing inside on embossed and indelible. 
  • Incorporates high quality medical ball valves with detachable adapters.
  • 100% leak tightness NIST connections each side of valve fitted as standard.
  • Access to the system may be closed and fed with remote supply hose attached to NIST coonnector.
  • Supplied, pre-wired & tested for ease of installation.
  • Unit incorporates local pressure switches and alarms.

Zone Wall Unit – Models

HST Series is monitorized by display screen and C Series by HMI and all systems supports communication at RS-485 connection mode. Pressure and vacuum sensors are connected to the alarm panel according to the service.

   Model C2200