Medical Gas Terminal Unit

Medical Gas Terminal Unit

    • Flush / Surface supply units for wall, bedhead unit and pendant installation.
    • Corrosion-free, and material compatibility.
    • Gas type-specific colouring in order to prevent wrong gas usage, using a secure connection.
    • Quick installation, easy-to-fix.
    • Probe friendly design.
    • Unique check valve design.
    • Pressure differential leak testing on 100% of 1st fix assemblies
    • Unhindered effective working pressure offers increased user performance.
    • Unique cartridge design, easy replacement of cartridge for maintenance, without blocking the gas system.
    • Fulfills all requirements of ISO 9170-1 and compatible to BS 5682; DIN 13260-2; NF-S 90-16, Swedish Standard SS 8752430(AGA), UNI 9507 and US Standard.
    • Patented design enables conversion of terminal units by only changing Main Body (second fix) in between BS 5682; DIN 13260-2; NF-S 90-116, Swedish Standard SS 8752430(AGA), UNI 9507 and US Standard.

Base Block

Made of forged Brass and has maintenance valve inside, can be tested under 10 Bar pressure and contains Gas specific pin sand Patented Q-Click Mechanism. Inlet can be supplied by either brazed Copper Tube or brazed NIST Connector depending on the installation places.


Made of Machined Brass, Contains Check valve which is same for all gases for the same standard but different standard .i.e, BS Type Cartridge is same for all gases but differs from DIN, AFNOR and AGA type cartridges. Even cartridge for all gases to be same, gas specify on installation has been provided.


This part is the part makes all the difference consisting locking mechanism. Indexing part for gas and standard diffferentation and Identificationplate.